Reviewing the best side sleeping mattresses

The ideal mattress should not be too rigid, in this case the risk is to give you problems in the main pressure points, nor too loose. It takes an ergonomic mattress that supports the right way, the ideal is a mattress composed of several layers in different materials. Those on top that regulate moisture, transpiration and heat emitted (not to get too hot even in summer), and other layers at the bottom to adapt to the weight of each and support the back in an ergonomic way.

The Most Economical

Consisting of a 2cm Memory Foam plate and another internal support in Water-Foam with massaging pantograph of 14cm, it guarantees adequate support of the body during rest. In short, if you do not have weight problems or serious back problems, it could be the right product for you. In fact, of all those that we have proposed, this is certainly the most economic model, which virtually everyone can afford. Mostly for side sleepers, it is recommended to use this kind of mattresses but before that need to know the details regarding best mattress for side sleepers manual.

Being a product of lower end than those we have seen before, it is recommended especially for children or people who weigh little, as the thin sheet of Memory Foam is not suitable for people overweight and even those suffering from serious diseases of the spine or bones.

Memory Aloe Feel

Always at the forefront of mattresses, this product is truly innovative for the ecology of 100% natural materials. The product in question could almost be called a “Mr. Mattress”. Independent springs and Memory immediately place this mattress on the pedestal as a Class 1 medical device with side handles, about a thousand springs and seven differentiated lift zones.

What really makes the difference is the natural fabric with full air 3D breathable band, removable and washable. The external covering is in Blue-tech while the padding is hypoallergenic and in pure merino’swool.

Inflatable foam

This mattress offers you the stability and comfort of classic traditional mattresses. Lightweight, compact, spacious and durable, it is made of polyester fibers that easily adapt to any body type. The range varies from 135 kg for the single, 203 kg for the square and a half and 270 kg for the double. What makes this mattress particularly resistant is the use of tubular made of polyester fibers (fiber-tech) instead of vinyl.